Is Vaping Harmful For Health?

In the past few years, a healthy lifestyle has become a fashionable trend. Visiting gyms, eating organic food and kicking bad habits are the main tips for those who care about their well-being. At the same time, for some people, quitting smoking was the most difficult step, and those who could not immediately exclude the habit from their lives found an alternative to it – vaping.

First of all, let’s learn what different people think about vaping:

  • Doctors

Some doctors claim that, of course, e-cigarette is not a box of vitamins and when it heats up it releases some not very useful substances together with the steam.

  • Smokers

Some smokers complain that an electronic cigarette will not replace their favorite tobacco to full degree, while others insist on the convenience and improvement of well-being.

  • Non-smokers

The non-smoking community’s opinions divide: some like the absence of smell and smoke, while others tend to believe that vaping is simply a trendy thing without any vital impact on human body.

Is Vapour Harmful?

Vaping involves smoking an electronic cigarette instead of an ordinary one, filled with tobacco.  There is no smoke, though, but steam. At the same time, its composition is almost completely different from ordinary smoke, which has a sharp recognizable smell. Moreover, the user may choose vaping liquids that actually contain no nicotine. On top of that, obviously, vapour contain to tars present in cigarette tobacco, that tend to block the lungs and cause health issues and even cancer.

A pleasant bonus is that vapour disappears quickly, leaving perhaps a weak aroma of the flavoured liquid, while smoke makes the room stink.

E-cigarettes And The Risk of Oncology

One of the most terrible diseases, which can be caused by smoking cigarettes with tobacco, is lung cancer. In fact, the danger is real and the chances of developing cancer are high. Vaping reduces the possibility of oncology three times, which is a really impressive figure. This is due to the absence of tars in the electronic cigarette.

The possible damage from a vape is still being studied in the light of the negative influence of other liquid components. In order to make smoking an electronic cigarette as safe as possible, try to purchase a device with a WHO certificate. This will allow you to avoid forgery. Buy liquids only in stores and online shops with a good reputation, which can provide you with information about their and manufacturers.

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