How to Quit Smoking, Switching to a Vape

Organic food, regular workouts, and active lifestyle are everywhere right now. Luckily, a healthy way of living is a huge trend in the 21st century. It seems like every other person is trying to do something useful about feeling great. People massively break those bad habits like eating junk food, staying awake till late hours, and smoking cigarettes in particular. In fact, quitting cigarettes is much harder than quitting a harmful diet. It is almost impossible to quit smoking in a day or week. What we recommend is doing the smallest steps you can to make this process longer and the results more effective. Start with replacing rather than eliminating.

Vaping is a great starting point for those solid smokers, who are into cigarettes for years. Yes, it isn’t easy to get rid of those real cigarettes and start using a piece of metal instead. But this is much easier than trying to eliminate your smoking habits in one day only. And the results are real too.

So, how to quit cigarettes, switch to vaping and gett the results?

Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

We’ll take you through the basics to make your smoking transit period comfortable.

Vaping devices may seem to be too difficult and complicated at first. In practice, everything is simpler once you’ve understood the basics. Vaping devices consist of two main parts – the battery and the tank, which holds and vaporizes the liquid, or the so-called vape juice. No matter what model you have, the principle of work is the same in all vaping devices. There is a coil inside, which heats up the liquid and vaporizes it.

There are two types of vaping devices:

Cig-a-like electronic cigarettes, which look very similar to real cigarettes;
Refillable vaping kits, which are highly customizable and developed to the demand of customers. They include smaller batteries, refillable liquid tanks, which can be filled with special vaping liquid to your taste, a USB charger, wall adapters, etc.

The prices are different too. Usually, cig-alike models are cheaper than those progressive ones. In the very beginning of your smoking quitting experience, we recommend getting those very simple vapes, which look like regular cigarettes. Don’t go for an expensive kit immediately. Or go for a simple refillable vaping kit, which doesn’t cost too much.

When you start out on your vaping journey, look through the manual firstly. Make sure you clearly understand how a vape you’ve bought functions. Carefully read the information provided by a manufacturer. Then, put the battery on charge and wait. After this, start filling your tank with the liquid. Do it slowly and make sure you don’t overfill. Put everything all together and leave your device for 10-12 minutes. Turn the device on and start vaping. Don’t vape too much. That’s all for the instructions. Just don’t forget to read the manual.

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