Vapes Prices Review

Modern vaping shops, both offline and online, can offer a variety of devices for beginners and experienced vapers. If you are new to vaping, you can learn a lot of information on the Internet. The general rule – choose the gadget which will be convenient for you, and be very careful with liquid and flavors.

Shopping for an electronic cigarette can be a temptation if you don’t know what you exactly need and what is appropriate market price. Here some options available in online stores:

Ordinary E-Cigarette

Simple electronic cigarette or Starter Kit is number one option for those looking to start vaping. For an experienced vaper it’s also a good choice because the price is affordable and device is ultra-portable. Only one button, several fast options from 1 to 5 to turn on/off. This is a great learning type and the prices in this category typically goes no more than $15.99-$29.99.

Vape with RDA system

RDA type may seem complicated to a newbie. This is due to the fact that they require self-service. Caring for drippers is easy, but not everyone wants to make extra efforts. However, this device found its admirers. A lot of advanced users of electronic cigarettes were attracted by the prospect of independently changing the spiral or wick. Firstly, it opened possibilities for additional experiments, and secondly, the vaper can learn new practical skills.

What is a drip atomizer? This is a part of the electronic cigarette, into which the smoking mixture is directly poured. This liquid is stored directly in the body of the mechanism. The drip itself came to replace the old cartridges. Equipment of this type allows you to independently increase the amount of steam and choose the optimum resistance at inhale. Prices for such a model make up to 60$.

Model With Genesis Atomizer

Vapers call genesis a real branch of evolution in the development of electronic cigarettes. This is one of the types of serviced atomizers. The wick is made of metal mesh and is different from conventional one. This tip allows the device to work much longer. Some jokers even call genesis type “eternal”.

By its structure, genesis is divided into two types: the upper tank and the lower one. In the lower one, the evaporation tank is located above the one with liquid. The upper tank is more complicated: the chamber is under the tank, so such models are rare at the market. Most of the devices have a side airflow. In the upper part of the atomizer (dome), through the lateral blowing, air enters the spiral, and active vaporization takes place. The genesis boasts the purest taste of the liquid and the absence of burning. If you know how to correctly use genesis, then the replacement of the mesh will be done quickly. Such models are expensive and may go for $100 and more, depending on design and additional features.

So it’s up to you what to choose for your vaping experience.

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